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August 2014
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More warm weather this weekend, and the return of some moisture by late Saturday

By Dan Shadwell

Good morning! High pressure continues to dominate the weather conditions just to the east of us. That will keep us warmer than normal through the weekend.

The mercury will begin to drop slowly in some of the inland areas though, so we’ll get some relief as the humidity rises with the return of some monsoonal moisture.

By next week, we may see a trough of low pressure take hold, cooling us somewhat.

Here’s a look at today’s high temperatures:
Paso Robles–101
Morro Bay–73
San Luis Obispo–84
Pismo Beach–69
Santa Maria–79
Los Alamos–86
Santa Barbara–89

Inland heat to swelter again Friday

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

An expanding ridge of high pressure over the West will produce another really hot day inland on Friday with temps likely passing 105 for the interior of SLO county. It will also warm in the coastal valleys but night and morning marine layer will have a dramatic impact holding temps under the mid 80s. Beaches will hit the upper 60s and lower 70s.

The ridge begins to break down over the weekend, but real relief inland waits until Sunday or Monday when the lower 90s return. Some low pressure off the west should continue to keep temps mild Sunday through Tuesday, after that some monsoon mugginess could return the mid to late portion of next week so enjoy what break from it we get.

More hot weather on the way, but humidity should ease through Saturday

By Dan Shadwell

Good morning! We have another hot day on tap for the inland areas as the mercury climbs back above the 100-degree mark. Even the coastline will see slight warming, particularly on the South Coast, where Santa Barbara is likely to see 90-degrees!

The monsoonal moisture we’ve seen in the upper atmosphere should taper drastically, helping that warm weather feel dryer and more comfortable–at least through Saturday.

Here’s a look at today’s high temps:
Paso Robles–103
Morro Bay–73
San Luis Obispo–84
Pismo Beach–69
Santa Maria–79
Los Alamos–86
Santa Barbara–90

Could get even warmer inland

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

A ridge of high pressure will expand over the next few days. It will push the marine layer even lower and inland temps (and coastal valleys) will warm into Saturday before cooling down the beaches will still see a low marine layer and occasional associated clouds.

The subtropical mugginess will linger overnight and into early Thursday and there is even a minor shower chance as the leftovers from former Tropical Storm Hernan is getting drawn into the area thanks to a mid-level SW flow.

The high pressure ridge breaks down Sunday and cooler weather returns Sunday through Tuesday.

Another round of subtropical moisture could once again stream northward early to mid-next week.

July 30th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 60-75
Atascadero 74-100
CA Valley 71-98
Cambria 60-70
Corbett Canyon 60-81
Cuyama 70-97
Goleta 65-84
Hearst Castle 66-83
Lompoc 61-72
Los Osos 59-65
Morro Bay 59-63
Nipomo 63-81
Orcutt 61-75
Paso Robles 65-104
Pismo Beach 61-70
San Luis Obispo 60-80
San Miguel 61-105
Santa Barbara 67-90
Santa Maria 62-77
Santa Ynez 61-90
Shandon 67-90
Shell Beach 61-70
Solvang 61-90
Templeton 50-104
Vandenberg AFB 60-68

Another muggy day on the way, though the mercury drops a bit inland

By Dan Shadwell

Good morning! We’ll see more moisture in the air today with a push coming from tropical storm Hernan to our south. That will mean more clouds overhead today and a marine layer that could be a bit more stubborn. The boost in moisture is likely to stick around into the weekend, as much cooler temperatures arrive.

Today, we’ll see inland temps back off a degree or two, with Paso topping out at 100-degrees, Morro Bay backing off to the low 70s, and Avila Beach making it only into the upper 60s.

But we’ll pick up a couple degrees again tomorrow and Friday, especially inland–where we’ll jump back above 100.

Here’s a look at today’s highs:
Paso Robles–100
Morro Bay–73
San Luis Obispo–85
Pismo Beach–69
Santa Maria–79
Los Alamos–86
Santa Barbara–84

July 29th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 57-78
Atascadero 61-99
CA Valley 63-100
Cambria 57-72
Corbett Canyon 60-82
Cuyama 63-97
Goleta 63-78
Lompoc 59-75
Los Osos 56-64
Morro Bay 59-65
Orcutt 58-80
Paso Robles 63-103
Pismo Beach 61-68
Pozo 59-104
San Luis Obispo 60-82
San Miguel 61-105
Santa Barbara 66-88
Santa Maria 62-78
Santa Ynez 57-92
Shandon 59-104
Shell Beach 61-68
Solvang 59-88
Templeton 60-104
Vandenberg AFB 55-71

Another hot day on tap, but fewer clouds and less fog along the coast

By Dan Shadwell

Good morning! The high pressure ridge is holding fast, south of the four corners area. But some of the moisture that’s worked its way into the skies over the Central and South Coasts, is beginning to dissipate as tropical storm Hernan breaks up. Still, we’re in for another muggy day.

We’ll see more temperatures in the upper 90s inland, exceeding the 100-degree mark in some spots. Even along the coast, we’ll see a warmer day, with the mercury climbing into the mid to upper 70s. San Simeon is expected to see 75-degrees today and Santa Barbara 10-degrees better than that!

Otherwise, we’ll see mostly sunny skies and lots of clearing by mid day, with more clouds arriving tomorrow.

Here’s a look at today’s high temperatures:
Paso Robles–102
Morro Bay–74
San Luis Obispo–86
Pismo Beach–70
Santa Maria–80
Los Alamos–87
Santa Barbara–85

Warm and muggy weather continues

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

I don’t want to over-advertise the chances for a shower or two, if it rains it won’t add up to much, but the SW steering flow pushing monsoon muggy air is with us into Wednesday (at least) and with it a minor chance of a few drops here and there.

I think the larger impact will be that mid and upper clouds may occasionally disrupt the low cloud pattern at the coast over the next few days leading to slightly higher temperatures. Lows will be on the higher side due to the humidity.

When will it change? I think the winds will pick up from the NW on Thursday into the upcoming weekend for some cooling near the coast and a reduction in humidity.

July 28th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 62-82
Atascadero 66-93
CA Valley 74-93
Cambria 60-76
Corbett Canyon 74-84
Cuyama 72-94
Goleta 63-79
Lompoc 63-79
Los Osos 61-69
Morro Bay 59-66
Paso Robles 66-95
Pismo Beach 63-70
San Luis Obispo 62-86
San Miguel 63-98
Santa Barbara 66-88
Santa Maria 63-85
Santa Ynez 64-97
Shandon 72-97
Shell Beach 63-70
Solvang 63-94
Templeton 66-82
Vandenberg AFB 61-75